Investor Relations

PowerX beverages is becoming one of the fastest growing energy drink companies worldwide.

Established in 2011, The PowerX beverages energy drink corporation headquarters are located in Los Angeles. PowerX beverages aims to provide a healthier source of energy to consumers around the world with their world-class energy drink.

The energy drink market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world as people feel the need for a pick-me-up when their key performance is on the line. It offers a vast market of diverse consumers from kids and adults to athletes.

In 2015 GenX was rebranded as PowerX and is poised to develop a market share in this demographic through high profile partnerships and continuous community interaction. Raising the awareness of PowerX throughout the world with the assistance of world-class distribution centres will make PowerX the next leader in the energy drink market.

PowerX is focused on delivering exceptionally high-quality beverages that provide a safer and healthier formula for consumers. The formula was inspired by Manuel’s passion to create a healthier alternative energy drink for today’s active lifestyle that could be consumed on a daily basis.

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