Manuel A Chavez (aka Manny C)

Manuel A Chavez (aka Manny C)
Founder & Chairman

After working for the UPS for 30 years and becoming a part of its success and growth to become the number one shipping company in the world, it was time to retire.

Manuel A Chavez witnessed technology and innovation at its very best while learning that the safest path with the least resistance shouldn’t be our default basis for making decisions. His experiences and accomplishments have proven to be valuable to the success and growth of PowerX beverages as the qualities of time management, utility, pride and the importance of leadership and teamwork have been implemented.

Manuel has been in the energy drink beverage industry for around 4 years. He co-founded the GenX Energy drinks company in 2012 and left in February 2015. At various times Manuel has tested and observed the energy drink market through his interaction with consumers raging with consumers ranging from 16 – 68 years of age in events such as music concerts, MMA, high school sponsorships and fundraisers through Southern California. Through these events, Manuel was able to observe and gather important consumer feedback and compile important data that was used to inform the creation of the PowerX Energy Drink Inc.

The idea behind the creation of PowerX was formed by Manuel’s desire to create an energy drink that would be safer for his daughters to drink and in 2016 the company was founded and a formula was produced that would be healthier and safer for kids, adults and the next generation. The formula was inspired by Manuel’s passion to create a healthier alternative drink for today’s active lifestyle that would be safe to be consumed by not just athletes but everyday people on a daily basis.

We won’t let our kids drink any other energy drink other than PowerX.

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